Bench Made Upholstered Furniture – Artisan Crafted in California

BLH Accepts "Customers Own Goods" For Manufacturing Under The Following Conditions:

All C.O.M. fabrics must be shipped directly to our manufacturing facility and each item must have an individual C.O.M. SUBMISSION FORM submitted prior to arrival. PLEASE NOTE ! Production estimates start when the C.O.M. is received at our facility and NOT from the date the order is written!

Each C.O.M. pattern will need to be listed on individual C.O.M. SUBMISSION FORMS including a sample cutting attached to each form OR you may email a photo of the pattern with reference to the order and how it is to be used.
Sussex sofa

Not all patterns with pattern repeats require matching. It is up to the Dealer to discuss the requirements with customer service PRIOR to the C.O.M. being ordered from your vendor so an accurate estimate can be given. It is the responsibility of the buyer to be aware of how the fabric is woven ( up the roll or railroaded) and discuss the appropriate placement on the item that is being ordered. If a pattern must be matched, it is the responsibility of the buyer to discuss the matching options relating to the specific item and have it noted clearly on the C.O.M. SUBMISSION FORM and the sales order. BLH is NOT responsible for any matching or fabric placement issues other than what is clearly noted on the C.O.M. SUBMISSION FORM and the Sales Order. If not noted, BLH will match and cut the fabric based on our best judgement with no recourse by the buyer. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME; BE SPECIFIC!

BLH will NOT return scrap or unused fabric or trim, please only order what is required for your order.

All C.O.M. yardage estimates are based on our best judgement.

Due to the custom nature of our business, occasionally some additional yardage my be required. BLH is NOT liable for the cost of additional C.O.M. yardage if required. All thread used will be at the discretion of BLH, unless C.O.M. thread is submitted and approved by BLH.